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Which Stubborn Fat Areas Can You Freeze and Eliminate?

CoolSculpting®, an FDA-approved and noninvasive way to remove fat, is an innovative and highly effective procedure. Because it is one of our most popular services, we wanted to reveal all of the areas with stubborn bulges that CoolSculpting® can get rid of, for good.

CoolSculpting® is designed to freeze and eliminate stubborn fat in the following areas.




Coolsculpting® can slim and tone the tummy by reducing the number of fat cells on the abdomen. You won’t miss the muffin top!







Love Handles
Bye bye love handles! A universally stubborn area for fat retention, CoolSculpting® can shrink love handles. Afterwards, we hope you wear your swimsuits with newfound confidence for your slimmer shape.






Outer & Inner Thighs
Bring out the skinny jeans! CoolSculpting® is an effective treatment for slimming both the inner and outer thighs (shopping trip not included).








Upper Arms
Wave with confidence after treating underarms with CoolSculpting®! It can be especially tough to reduce the fat on underarms. Let us help you achieve toned arms with CoolSculpting®, just in time to wear holiday party dresses!







Some of us are genetically predisposed to storing fat under the chin. But CoolSculpting can help achieve a slimmer jawline by treating the chin and upper neck area. That means fewer fat cells and more smiles!





How Does CoolSculpting® work?
CoolSculpting® uses Cryolipolysis as a way to freeze targeted fat cells without causing any damage to the skin. Fat cells are “frozen” and then naturally eliminated through the body. The procedure is intended to treat areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

Slimmer You in 6-8 Weeks

If you are considering CoolSculpting® for a specific event or time of the year, keep in mind that the results take time to appear. Initial results may be noticeable in a few weeks, but full results typically take about 3 months. So, for events over the winter holidays where you want to look your best, schedule your first CoolSculpting® appointment in September (we, know we can’t believe the holidays are so soon either!)

Real Patients, Cool Results
CoolSculpting® helps the body eliminate about 20% of the fat that is being treated. Those results can then be maintained through proper diet and exercise. CoolSculpting® requires little downtime but some temporary tenderness and mild bruising may occur. Check out our before and after gallery to see our CoolSculpting results.

Schedule a FREE CoolSculpting® Consultation
If you have any questions about the procedure or how to treat the areas of your body you were considering, give us a call. With the holidays on the horizon, we want you looking your best! Contact us to schedule an appointment which includes a consultation, so you can see results as soon as possible.

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