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Women and men can benefit from camouflage makeup, available right here at Deep Blue Med Spa. This special type of makeup is designed to hide a number of skin blemishes and conditions – including various types of scarring, spider veins, and birthmarks – to conceal areas on virtually any area of the face or body that may be making you self-conscious about your appearance. Our aesthetic experts can help you determine which types of camouflage makeup may be best for your needs

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Benefits of Camouflage Makeup

Whether you are experiencing a small area of discoloration, or more severe color irregularities of the skin, Camouflage Makeup can conceal skin imperfections and help you feel better about your appearance. Camouflage makeup options at Aesthetic Center can provide you with a number of benefits, including effective concealment of:

Camouflage makeup may be useful for patients with post surgical discoloration.


Our professional skin care team here at Deep Blue Med Spa can assist you in choosing the shade of makeup that goes best with your skin, as well as with learning the most effective application techniques.

Our team will be happy to answer your questions about Camouflage Makeup.

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