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Let’s Talk About Threads

By: admin | November 20, 2023 | Procedural Information, Threads

A thread lift procedure is designed to improve and minimize the appearance of loose skin, while simultaneously boosting collagen in the face. So how does it work? For those answers we’ve tapped board-certified PA and Deep Blue Med Spa expert injector Tiffany Cheung. Read on for what she had to say about this incredible treatment option!

What are MINT PDO threads?

TC: MINT stands for “minimally invasive nonsurgical thread.” MINT PDO threads are made of polydioxanone, a biodegradable monofilament, that stimulates collagen as it dissolves. Designed with 360-degree helical press mold technology, these threads provide a stronger, state-of-the-art lift to the face and neck.

Why would a patient want them?

TC: Threads are a great option for patients who do not want to undergo surgery or are experiencing mild to moderate skin laxity of the face. It is a quick and easy, minimally invasive procedure that can provide tremendous improvement to the right candidate.

Who is a candidate?

Ideal candidates for this procedure tend to be men and women between the ages of 30-50 years old with moderate skin laxity/sagging.

How do threads compare to injectables?

Injectables such as fillers will add volume and lift the tissue, for patients who do not want additional volume but are in need of lift, this is a great alternative.

What does the procedure look like?

The procedure takes about 60 minutes to complete. The treated area will be anesthetized with lidocaine to make it a pleasant experience. Then multiple threads are delivered via a cannula and secured. The threads are then be trimmed, and bacitracin is applied to the insertion site.

What can a patient expect post treatment?

Post treatment it is possible to experience dimpling and bunching of the skin. Although, this usually resolves within two weeks. Swelling from the anesthesia is common and can last for a few days. Patients can normally return to their daily activities the next day. However, we ask that they refrain from exercise and adhere to a soft diet for 10 days post treatment.

How long do they last?

Each thread will dissolve within six-nine months. However, the collagen stimulation will continue for up to 12 months. The results of the thread lift can last one-two years.

To learn more about threads, click here. To schedule a consultation with Tiffany, click here.


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