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Glowpin by PDO Max®

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At Deep Blue Med Spa, we’re thrilled to introduce patients in Long Island and Manhattan (NYC) to the latest breakthrough in skincare technology: Glowpin by PDO Max. If you are tired of dull, aging skin that lacks vitality, Glowpin offers a revolutionary solution to address a myriad of skincare concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, dark circles, and more.

Whether you’re aiming to turn back the clock on aging or simply want to enhance the overall health and appearance of your skin, Glowpin can help you achieve your goals with remarkable results.

What Is Glowpin?

Glowpin harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology to deliver targeted skincare treatments that topically penetrate the dermis for optimal effectiveness. Utilizing a proprietary stamping device with 19 evenly spaced microneedles to deliver product directly into the skin at a depth of 0.5mm, Glowpin creates micro-channels in the skin, allowing for the precise delivery of potent serums and boosters. This innovative design maximizes serum absorption, ensuring up to 30 times greater penetration into the skin.

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Benefits of Glowpin

Experience the transformative benefits of Glowpin, including:

  • Increased collagen production
  • Enhanced skin elasticity and resilience
  • Smoother1, more radiant complexion
  • Reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and skin imperfections
  • Long-lasting results that continue to improve over time

Glowpin Treatment Options

At Deep Blue Med Spa, we offer a variety of Glowpin treatment options, including:

  • PDO AfterGlo: A hydrating skin booster infused with polydioxanone (PDO) and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to promote collagen production and improve skin elasticity.
  • Exosomes: Regenerative therapy to repair and restore skin health, offering unparalleled rejuvenation.2
  • Apriline Sterile Mesotherapy Serums: Peptide and vitamin-rich boosters are tailored to address specific skincare concerns, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized.

Micro-Toxin Add-on

Add 10 units of any toxin to the above treatment options to further firm and lift the skin, reduce pore size, decrease redness, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.3

Preparing for Your Glowpin Treatment

Before your Glowpin session, our expert team will provide personalized recommendations to ensure optimal results. Depending on your skincare needs, we’ll help you choose the perfect infusion to address your specific concerns.

What to Expect During Your Glowpin Treatment

During your Glowpin treatment, our skilled professionals will use the Glowpin stamping device to create micro-channels in your skin, allowing for the precise delivery of your chosen infusion. The procedure is quick, comfortable, and requires minimal downtime, making it the perfect option for those with busy schedules.

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Glowpin Recovery

Following your Glowpin treatment, you may experience mild redness or sensitivity, which typically subsides within a few hours. Our team will provide you with detailed post-treatment instructions to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery, so you can get back to enjoying your radiant new skin in no time.

FAQs About Glowpin

Is Glowpin suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Glowpin is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Our experienced team will customize your Glowpin treatment to address your specific skincare concerns and ensure the best possible results.

How many Glowpin treatments are recommended for optimal results?

For optimal results, we typically recommend a series of three Glowpin treatments, spaced one month apart. This allows for maximum collagen stimulation and long-lasting improvements in skin texture and tone.

How soon will I see results after my Glowpin treatment?

Many patients notice improvements in their skin’s texture and appearance shortly after their first Glowpin treatment. However, the full benefits of Glowpin, including increased collagen production and enhanced skin elasticity, will continue to develop over time with each subsequent treatment.

Are Glowpin treatments safe?

Yes, Glowpin treatments are safe when performed by trained professionals. At Deep Blue Med Spa, we prioritize safety, quality, and patient satisfaction, ensuring that each Glowpin treatment is conducted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Can Glowpin be combined with other skincare treatments or procedures?

Yes, Glowpin can be combined with other skincare treatments or procedures to further enhance your results. Whether you’re interested in pairing Glowpin with injectables, laser therapy, or facial treatments, our knowledgeable team can create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your skincare goals.

How long do the results of Glowpin treatments last?

The results of Glowpin treatments can vary depending on individual factors such as skin type, age, and lifestyle habits. However, many patients experience long-lasting improvements in skin texture and tone, with results lasting up to six months or more with proper skincare maintenance.

Is there any special care required before or after a Glowpin treatment?

To ensure optimal results, we recommend avoiding sun exposure, harsh skincare products, and strenuous activities for a few days following your Glowpin treatment. Our team will provide you with detailed pre- and post-treatment instructions to help you achieve the best possible outcome and maintain your radiant, youthful skin.

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