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Microcurrent Facial
with Tama Microcurrent Therapy

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At Deep Blue Med Spa, we offer effective treatment options that allow our Long Island and New York-based patients to look and feel their best. Specializing in minimally invasive services that refresh and rejuvenate the skin, the professionals at Deep Blue are eager to provide you with the best in technology and innovation. We are excited to offer Tama Microcurrent Therapy for smoothing, tightening, and the feel of a non-surgical facelift.

What is Tama Microcurrent Therapy?

Microcurrent is a non-invasive, anti-aging, and revitalizing treatment that utilizes a low-level electric pulse to tone the muscles in the face and address a number of cosmetic concerns including wrinkles, skin laxity, acne, and dullness. A microcurrent facial delivers visible results after the first treatment, and dramatic improvement can be achieved when performed in a series. All results are temporary. No downtime required.

How does Tama Microcurrent Therapy work?

Tama Microcurrent Therapy utilizes a low-level electric pulse (similar to the natural electric current in the human body) to revitalize damaged skin, invigorate facial muscles, and stimulate collagen production. Through a specialized device, microcurrent is distributed into a desired area to deliver temporary results. While microcurrent facials are an innovative aesthetic treatment, the technology is far from new. In fact, it has been used in medical settings for over a hundred years to aid in Bell’s palsy, muscle rehabilitation, and recovery from bone and tissue injuries. When administered by a trained medical aesthetician, a microcurrent facial can be used to create a more rejuvenated appearance.

Benefits of Tama Microcurrent Therapy

The potential benefits of a microcurrent treatment include:

  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced acne
  • Improved muscle tone in the face, neck, and hands
  • Lifted jowls and eyebrows
  • Calmed rosacea
  • Drained lymphatic nodes
  • Enhanced product penetration
  • Revitalized skin
  • Improved elasticity
  • Deeper product penetration

Tama Microcurrent Therapy Results and Recovery

Patients typically see noticeable results after just one treatment of microcurrent. However, additional treatments can be used to deliver cumulative results for more significant and long-lasting improvement. Many patients achieve dramatic anti-aging and toning benefits with multiple treatments spaced one week apart over several weeks, followed by occasional maintenance treatments.

Am I a candidate for Tama Microcurrent Therapy?

If you would like to rejuvenate and refresh your appearance without surgery or invasive procedures, a microcurrent facial could be right for you. Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss personalized microcurrent treatment options. Please note, this service is not suitable for patients who are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or have been diagnosed with epilepsy or cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Microcurrent Facials

How much does a microcurrent facial cost?
Tama Microcurrent Therapy treatments range in price and can be anywhere from $150 – $225. These services are typically discounted when purchased as a package. Prices also vary depending on whether a patient would like add ons (ex. Detox treatment).
Does Tama Microcurrent Therapy hurt?
While you may feel a mild tingling sensation during your microcurrent facial, there is typically no pain associated with this service. There are also no needles, injections, or incisions. Most patients find a microcurrent treatment to feel comfortable and relaxing.
What is the optimal Tama Microcurrent Therapy schedule for best results?
At your consultation or initial treatment appointment one of our microcurrent specialists will work with you to create a customized treatment plan. While a single microcurrent treatment may provide desirable results, a multi-treatment plan typically allows for the best possible outcome.
Can Tama Microcurrent Therapy be combined with other procedures?
Yes, microcurrent treatment is complementary to many other minimally invasive rejuvenation treatments. We generally advise that patients schedule microcurrent treatment 2 to 3 weeks after any injectable filler treatments.
Can Tama Microcurrent Therapy help with acne?
Yes, the Tama Microcurrent Detox Treatment Therapy can be used to aid in the reduction of acne. However, results will vary from patient to patient.

Tama Microcurrent Therapy Treatment

Options and Pricing

Tama Facial Therapy
Tighten, tone, and lift in minutes! This effective, painless, and non-surgical treatment will help take off the years and keep you looking your very best!

For best results, we recommend a package of at least 6 to 12 treatments. Monthly maintenance options are available.

  • $150 for a 45-minute treatment
  • $140 per 45-minute treatment when purchased in a package of 6 to 12

Tama Ultimate Lift
For the more mature skin, this treatment adds an electromagnetic lift to the neck and jowl area. Strengthen, tone, and reeducate your muscles without having to lift a finger!

For best results, we recommend a package of at least 8 to 12 treatments. Monthly maintenance options are available.

  • $225 for a 60-minute treatment
  • $195 per 60-minute treatment when purchased in a package of 8 to 12

Tama Radiance Therapy
A personalized electromagnetic massage can enhance the benefits of Microcurrent Therapy for improved skin tone and elasticity. This treatment is ideal for patients seeking to optimize results before a special event.

For best results, we recommend a package of at least 3 to 6 treatments. Monthly maintenance options are available.

  • $125 for a 30-minute treatment
  • $330 when purchased in a package of 3, 30-minute treatments
  • $625 when purchased in a package of 6, 30-minute treatments

Tama Balancing Facial Therapy
Through a combination of Tama Microcurrent Therapy, specialized acne correctives, enzymes, and masks, the experts at Deep Blue Med Spa will help to reduce inflammation, acne, and bacteria in the skin. This effective treatment also helps to manage rosacea, broken capillaries, and skin sensitivity.

For best results, we recommend a package of at least 6 treatments or more. Monthly maintenance options are available.

  • $200 for a 45-minute treatment
  • $175 per 45-minute treatment when purchased in a package of 6 to 12

Tama Add-on Treatments

  • Tama Detox Treatment: $50 for 15-minutes
  • Tama Bella: $50 for 15-minutes
  • Tama Infusion Therapy: $50 for 15-minutes

Tama Microcurrent Therapy at Deep Blue Med Spa

The highly experienced medical aestheticians at Deep Blue Med Spa are trained to address a range of patient concerns through the use of Tama Microcurrent Therapy. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule a consultation in Garden City, Babylon, East Hills, or Manhattan.
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