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VISIA® Complexion Analysis

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A VISIA® Complexion Analysis is an effective visual communication tool used to design individualized skin treatment programs. The VISIA® system captures digital photos of the face to analyze wrinkles, textures, pores and pigmentations. VISIA® also evaluates porphyrins, evidence of bacteria lodged in pores that can cause acne, and UV spots, which are a characteristic of photo-damage, typically from overexposure to the sun. A comparison can be made of the characteristics of an individual’s skin with those of similar sex, age and ethnic categories. This procedure can also assess damage using photography, a more in-depth analysis and comparison that enables the individual to see the progress and treatment results.


VISIA® helps to establish the visual representation of the current condition of the skin. Our staff will use this tool on new patients to help customize a treatment program specific to individual patients and their desired results.

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