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Soothe and Comfort Dry Winter Skin

By: admin | February 5, 2016 | Skincare


No season takes a toll on skin quite like Winter. The combination of brisk winds, frigid temperatures, and dry indoor heat can leave skin dull and parched. Here are our tips and tricks to make it through the frosty months while maintaining smooth glowing skin.

  1. Switch up your routine Winter months require soothing products. The cleanser that you love in the Summer may not be ideal for Winter. Our Ultra Gentle Cleanser is soap free and chock full of nourishing vitamins.
  2. Hydrate from the inside out Healthy skin needs lots of H2O. Caffeine free herbal tea is a great way to stay hydrated and stay warm!
  3. Moisturize head to toe Get full body coverage against dry, flaky skin with our ultra rich Fortified Body Lotion
  4. Keep it convenient Don’t get caught in a drought! Keep extra Fortified Moisturizer in your vehicle and a tube of Intensive Hand Cream at the office to combat the dry blast of heaters.
  5. Layer for maximum moisture Your regular facial moisturizer may not be enough in the chilly months. A nourishing serum like our Signature Hydra Serum helps your skin hold onto hydration all day long.
  6. Rest for rejuvenation Well rested skin is youthful looking skin. Take advantage of the shorter days and early sunset to catch some extra Z’s.
  7. Protect No matter how low the temperature gets, you still need to defend skin from harmful UV rays. A moisturizing formula with anti-aging properties, such as our Dual Action Primer with spf 50, does double duty to protect while concealing imperfections.

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