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It’s Never Too Early to Be Bikini Ready

By: admin | April 25, 2016 | CoolSculpting®


With sugar-plum fairies long gone, visions of pina coladas and ocean breezes are now dancing in our heads. Believe it or not, Summer will be here soon and now is the time to get bikini ready! Don’t be stuck hiding in your cover up when your beach dreams finally become reality.

As you prepare for warmer days, you may be cleaning up your diet and amping up your fitness routine, and we have a treatment that can complement your hard work and help streamline your efforts along with your waistline. CoolSculpting is a revolutionary FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment that helps reduce love handles and other specifically targeted areas, like thighs, belly, and even neck.

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This state of the art technology makes slimming down easy! CoolScuplting smoothes trouble areas by using mild vacuum pressure on targeted tissue exposing the cells to cold temperatures and in turn freezing them. The frozen cells then begin a process called “apoptosis” a few days post-procedure and begin to shrink. The body naturally digests and eliminates damaged fat cells over the course of several months, and the outcome is a slimmer, smoother shape!

The entire treatment only takes 1-2 hours, and then you are free to swim, play, jump, or soak up the rays! You may begin to see results as quickly as three weeks after your appointment, but results will continue to improve for up to four months. Since it does take several months to see optimal results, it’s never too early to get a jump now on the bikini ready body you’re dreaming of for Summer!

“The change was nearly immediate when compared to the slow results of weeks and months in the gym. I LOVED the results I got from CoolSculpting– it slimmed my pesky love handles and inner thighs. I highly recommend it to anyone who is debating the procedure; the extra boost of confidence is worth it in and of itself!” – Jessica C.*

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