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Secrets to Manscaping

By: admin | April 14, 2016 | Laser Hair Removal

shutterstock_212637457Sunny days and warmer weather are quickly approaching and it’s almost time to show off that beach body you have been working on all winter. For most guys, this means shaving or waxing away excess body hair. But stop and consider just how much razorblades and waxing sessions cost, then multiply that by how frequently you have to use them in order to maintain the results you want. Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend your money on something that will be longer lasting? Laser hair reduction is a gentle, non-invasive, long-lasting laser treatment that can be done on any area of the body in sessions that are quicker and less painful than waxing.

The Process

Hair follicles have three different stages of growth with the active stage being the most receptive to laser hair reduction, since the follicle is at its darkest. Laser hair reduction stops hair growth by emitting light into the hair follicle and disabling its ability to grow. The laser passes safely and harmlessly through the skin eliminating dozens of hairs with each pulse of light. There is some slight discomfort, but the state-of-the-art lasers available at Deep Blue Med Spa are equipped with a pre-cooling agent to provide the most comfort and protection during treatment.

What to Expect

You will want to be sure to shave the area you want treated before you come in. It’s also best to avoid the sun for at least two weeks before and after your laser hair reduction. Anywhere from three to six treatments may be necessary to ensure lasting results, with most patients requiring a minimum of five. Treatments are generally given every four to six weeks, but factors like age and metabolism, can ultimately determine the frequency needed between sessions. It’s also important to note that laser hair reduction will not work on white or grey hair, as the follicle is not dark enough to absorb the light emitted by the laser.

Enjoy Lasting Results

If you’re ready to ditch the razors and say goodbye to the hot and painful wax, then laser hair reduction may be perfect for you. Schedule a consultation at Deep Blue Med Spa today and be on your way to enjoying smooth results that will last for months to come.

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