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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

By: admin | January 30, 2020 | Skincare

From harsh winds to cold temperatures, winter weather has a tendency to wreak havoc on the health and hydration of our skin. However, understanding how to heal the situation isn’t always so simple. For that reason, our medical aestheticians here at Deep Blue have created a list of recommendations for you to try! So, if your skin needs some TLC this season, be sure to read on below.

1. Understand where you’re starting from.
At DBMS, we believe that understanding your skin is the first step to looking and feeling your best. After all, knowledge is power. To better recognize areas of concern our aestheticians suggest beginning with a complimentary VISIA® Complexion Analysis. VISIA technology provides a visual representation of the current condition of a patient’s skin and is often used by our staff as a tool for customizing individualized treatment plans.

2. Show your skin some love.
There’s no better way to revitalize your skin than with some necessary hydration. Our extensive menu of facial options includes a variety of expert techniques designed to renew your complexion. Plus, for the months of January and February we will be offering patients our signature Winter Remedy Facial. This seasonal fan favorite includes ultra conditioning and reparative formulas known to promote health and hydration. (Book now to redeem this offer!)

3. Never be afraid of a seasonal switch up.
Deep Blue’s skincare experts recommend switching up your product regimen throughout the year to accommodate the changing seasons.
Here are some of their favorites:
ProBLUE MD® Nourishing Complex Cream
Nurse dry skin back to a soft, youthful texture with a product known to promote firmness and elasticity.
PROBLUE MD Fit Body Lotion
Your skin certainly doesn’t end with your face. So be sure to dive into a product that will deliver your body necessary moisture while also promoting a healthy skin barrier.
PROBLUE MD Refreshing Facial Toner Mist
Brighten dull, tired skin on the go with our easy to use toner. Rich with antioxidants, this mist will refine your complexion and neutralize skin impurities.
PROBLUE MD Signature Hydra Serum
Last but certainly not least is a product specifically designed to revamp even the most dehydrated skin. In addition to providing all day moisture, our signature serum brightens and firms the face for results you’ll be sure to love.

For a complimentary skin consultation, be sure to call Deep Blue Med Spa today!


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