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How To Self Care At Home

By: admin | March 24, 2020 | Skincare

For millions of families around the world, recent events have had us spending far more time at home. However, just because you may have had to cancel an upcoming facial or skip out on your next big event, doesn’t mean that you can’t find creative ways to have fun and feel great. Here are some of our favorite tips for enjoying a little self care at home.

Take a break to step outdoors and stay active.

Whether you’re playing fetch with your dog in the yard, going for a run, or practicing yoga in the sun, spending time outdoors is essential to keeping happy and healthy. So we say, even if only for a few minutes, be sure to get out there!

However, do so safely by protecting your skin. At Deep Blue, we offer a variety of ProBLUEMD sunscreens that ensure SPF 50+ protection. Remember to reapply if you’re outside longer than 60 minutes. 

Have your own at home spa day!

Paint your nails, throw on a sheet mask (we’re loving the ZO® SKIN HEALTH Ossential Skin Brightening Sheet Masque- available to order from the Spa), take a hot bath, and of course, dive into some of our favorite ProBLUE MD products. Start by exfoliating with our Warming Bamboo Scrub then massage and hydrate your skin with our Fit Body Lotion or Intensive Hand Cream. We recommend these products all year long, especially when skin is feeling dull or dry!

Keep up with your morning and nighttime skincare routines.

Your daily routine might have changed, but your skincare routine doesn’t need to. Whether it’s cleansers, retinoids, serums, or scrubs, now is an important time to restock on all of your essentials. Call us today to place an order of two or more products, and we’ll send them to you with shipping on us! 

Learn to DIY more of your beauty routine.

Can’t get your lashes refilled? We’re right there with you. However, in the meantime we’ve got an easy and effective way to grow your lashes and brows at home. Call us today to shop our range of Revitalash products, and be sure to say “Deep Blue Med Spa Instagram” when you place your order to receive 20% off + free shipping. Below are your options:

Revitalash Kit w/ a 3.5mL product- $120.00 originally $150.00

Revitabrow Kit w/ a 3.0 mL product- $96.00 originally $120.00

Limited Edition Revitabrow 3.5mL- $96.00 originally $120.00

From Deep Blue Med Spa, stay home and stay safe. We’re here if you need us!


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