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Deep Blue Providers’ Top Sunscreen Picks

By: admin | August 16, 2019 | Skincare

When it comes to sunscreen, we’ve got you (and your skin!) covered. Protect your skin all year ‘round with our Deep Blue providers’ top sunscreen picks. We have products for the whole family to help reduce sun damage and signs of premature aging.

ProBLUE MD Pure Protection Sunscreen

“I love to give the ProBLUE MD Pure Protection Sunscreen to all of my clients because it’s nice and light, doesn’t clog pores, and gives a nice, sheer finish. I personally use this product in the morning after my moisturizer and before my makeup. It’s perfect for my skin type and gives me a little glow.

This sunscreen is great because it’s water resistant and also provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, both of which can be harmful to your skin. UVA (long wave ultraviolet) rays penetrate deep into the dermis, while UVB rays have shorter waves and burn just the superficial layer. Because of this, sunscreen is the most important part of a skincare routine.”


ZO Smart Tone Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen

“The reason I recommend the ZO Smart Tone to my patients is because it’s a broad-spectrum SPF 50 and has great protection. The product also has a tint to it that takes to the color of your skin as you blend, so it really matches all skin tones. The tint also reminds my patients to put it on because they like leaving the house every day with a little bit of extra color to their face.

For me, it’s all I wear. I don’t put makeup on anymore and I don’t put anything on over it. This product gives my skin a nice, dewy finish which I love, and of course I love it because it provides my daily SPF protection.”


Revision Intellishade TruPhysical

“I personally use the Revision Intellishade TruPhysical every day. This product is a tinted, anti-aging daily moisturizer with 100% mineral sunscreen (Broad-spectrum SPF 45). Because I don’t wear makeup every day to work, I like wearing this product because it gives me a flawless finish.

This product is also great because it provides additional hydration and is good for all skin types, including those with dry or oily skin. This sunscreen has a high physical block, so it could be especially beneficial to a patient who has fair or sensitive skin.”


ProBLUE MD Dual Action Primer 

“I personally use the ProBLUE MD Dual Action Primer every day. While it is a primer, it also serves as an SPF 50 sunscreen which blocks out UVA and UVB rays. It is the perfect blend of SPF and tint. With my skin type it provides just enough coverage, and when used with a little dab of powder it gives me the look of fresh makeup without overdoing it.

I love this product because it uses universal pigment technology, meaning just one shade will blend with all skin tones. It also provides all day oil control, gentle hydration and age defying antioxidant benefits.”


ZO Sunscreen + Primer Broad-Spectrum

“I like using the ZO Sunscreen + Primer because it has a light finish, and it’s a two in one product- especially when you’re short on time in the morning. The primer component provides a nice, smooth canvas to apply under your makeup that doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on the skin. Plus, it also contains SPF 30 as well as essential titanium, which is a physical sun block barrier as opposed to chemical.

I’ll recommend this product to my patients who use makeup on a daily basis because it helps the makeup sit better and last longer, with the addition of their daily SPF. For those who aren’t into every day makeup and are just looking for a product that provide SPF, I might not recommend this product for that use.”


Revision Intellishade Matte

“When it comes to sunscreen, my personal choice is the Intellishade Matte from Revision Skincare. I love that Intellishade acts as a daily “multitasker”, making my skin feel well moisturized and also evening out my skin tone with its universal tint.

The Intellishade Matte product provides anti-aging benefits and Broad-Spectrum SPF 45. It also includes antioxidant benefits to defend your skin from environmental stressors. While Intellishade offers the option of matte or original, I prefer to recommend the matte option to my patients with oily skin types. It’s the perfect match.”


Neocutis Micro Day Rejuvenating Cream

“I like using the Neocutis Micro Day Rejuvenating Cream because it acts as a moisturizer, has great coverage and doesn’t leave any residue. I personally apply it as the last step in my skincare routine before I begin applying makeup. It also acts as an anti-aging tool and is a great way to prevent or slow down signs of aging. This product is high on antioxidants, fragrance free and chemical free- meaning it won’t cause irritation-  and has been dermatologist tested.

The broad-spectrum coverage in this SPF product is great for your average everyday sun exposure, but should not be used as your main sun protection when sunbathing for prolonged periods of time.”


ProBLUE MD Complete Complex Sunscreen

“The ProBLUE MD Complete Complex Sunscreen is one of my favorite sunscreens to use not only in the summer but all year-round! I do not wear a lot of makeup, so for me this product is great because it gives me awesome coverage and a glowing, tinted finish. Plus, in the summer I use it as my moisturizer as well.

This sunscreen is formulated with Micronized Zinc Oxide to provide the highest level of broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. It has a moisturizing base with powerful hydrators that are rich with antioxidants. If you’re looking for a perfect all in one product that is fast absorbing, protects, and hydrates, I would recommend the ProBLUE MD Complete Complex.”


ZO Daily Sheer Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen

“I love the ZO Daily Sheer product. It’s my absolute favorite and I wear it all year ‘round. I love it because it’s light, non-greasy, and doesn’t feel like a sunscreen. Instead, it leaves the skin with a natural looking glow and extra hydration. This product is water and perspiration resistant and provides broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. The product retains its sun protection for 80 minutes.

ZO Daily Sheer is great for all skin types. It’s perfect for patients that have oily and combination skin because it’s light, but also works very well for the patients with dryer skin because it’s moisturizing. It’s a client favorite due to its matte finish and radiant look.”

If you’re a frequent sunscreen user but were unaware of how different products may affect your skin, we hope this helped! And if you’re guilty of unprotected sun exposure, it’s never too late to get on the right track! Stop by any Deep Blue Med Spa location to learn more about all of the sunscreen products and product lines we offer.


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