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Managing Maskne

By: admin | October 9, 2020 | Skincare

Beautiful brunette woman placing a mask on her face.
Are you experiencing an increase in acne or skin concerns on the lower half of your face? If so, you’re not alone.

“Maskne” or acne caused or worsened by wearing a mask is a common skin concern many are struggling with as we adjust to sporting face coverings for extended periods of time. Whether the cause of trapped dirt, additional moisture, friction, heat, or bacteria, here are some tips and product suggestions for managing this issue.

1. If you aren’t on a skincare program currently, then implement only the basics for now. (This means gentle products that will properly and safely cleanse, tone, and hydrate the skin.) If you are following a specific skincare program with more powerful products, then stick with it.

2. Wash your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser that won’t further irritate the skin.

3. Go in with a toner that works for your skin type. For those with a dryer complexion, opt for a refreshing toner spray. You may want to follow this up with exfoliating a few times a week. If you are on the oily side, you’ll want to utilize clarifying pads that have ingredients like glycolic or salicylic acid.

4. As our Lead PA-C Melissa Colletti-White recommended in her previous blog, patients with active acne should stay away from heavy moisturizers. These can slow down your natural cell turnover. Instead, go for light hydration that contains antioxidants to keep your skin healthy.

5. Continue to apply SPF daily.

6. Always wear a clean mask to avoid additional dirt and bacteria build-up.

7. When possible (and safe to do so), let your skin breathe without makeup or a mask.

8. Speak with your provider to determine if you need to make changes to your product regimen.

9. Schedule regular treatments, especially facials and chemical peels, to keep your skin as clean and healthy as possible.


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