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Preventing Regrowth after Laser Hair Removal

By: admin | December 14, 2012 | Laser Hair Removal

legs9Laser hair removal is one of the most desirable cosmetic procedures today. Many people look forward to the benefits of smooth, hairless skin provided by the service. Through the use of a high powered laser (HPL), growth of unwanted hair on the armpits, legs, face, or other areas is slowed or eliminated completely. The process does not happen overnight but the results are worth the wait.

The procedure involves a range of precautions to minimize burns or skin discoloration. It cannot be performed right away since hair must be at a certain length for the laser to take effect. You can read here for more about the risks and planning involved.

After laser hair removal, effects may be noticeable, but meticulous care is needed in order to decrease annoying hair regrowth. Here are some tips you can follow to prevent the reappearance of unwanted hair and stubble.

Avoid plucking and shaving
Plucking and shaving hair after a laser removal procedure can cause faster regrowth of unwanted hair. To prevent this from happening, it is important to avoid touching the treated area in between procedures. This may be inconvenient for some clients who want to show more skin, but it is an important part of the process that you should not ignore.

Soothe irritated skin
A little redness or chafing is expected after a procedure. You can remedy this problem through cold skin cream or lotion. A cool compress can also help close the pores and calm the irritation for a time. Persistence of the problem should prompt an immediate return to the clinic for consultation.

Stay out of the sun
Skin may be sensitive after your hair removal procedure. This makes it especially prone to hyperpigmentation if exposed to direct sunlight. The resulting discoloration and sunspots are very unsightly. When going out, make sure to wear pants or long trousers. You can also apply sunscreen if you plan on wearing shorts or miniskirts. Select sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 50 for best coverage.

Moisturize your skin
Dry skin is more prone to irritation. Prep your skin after every procedure by applying a moisturizing lotion, unless contraindicated. Regular applications can help slow hair growth and keep your skin smooth and supple.

When it comes to beauty, maintenance is important. Make it a habit to observe these practices in order to maintain the effects of laser hair removal.


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