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Long Island Med Spa Offers Improved Tattoo Removal with New Laser Technology

By: admin | September 9, 2016 |

Long Island Med Spa Offers Improved Tattoo Removal with PiQo4 LaserLong Island Plastic Surgical Group now offers effective tattoo removal treatment at Deep Blue Med Spa with the practice’s new PiQo4 laser technology.

Long Island, NY — The experienced team at Deep Blue Med Spa is committed to offering the latest in non-surgical treatment options to provide superior results for its patients. One of the most recent additions to the facility’s state-of-the-art technology is the PiQo4 laser system for tattoo removal. This FDA-cleared laser provides more wavelengths, pulse energy, and treatment options for the most effective tattoo removal possible.

According to the Long Island plastic surgeons who oversee the medical spa, one of the most notable features about PiQo4 is the system’s four wavelengths. They explain that this is more than any other system on the market and makes it possible to treat nine of the most common ink colors used in tattoos. The advanced laser system also produces twice the pulse energy as other laser systems, emitting both picosecond and nanosecond pulses. The team at Deep Blue Med Spa has found the PiQo4 to offer significantly more power compared to other well-known tattoo removal lasers. They say this is what allows it to effectively erase tattoos that have otherwise proven difficult to clear.

PiQo4 has proven to be a versatile system that can treat virtually any ink color, offering enhanced results to patients of Deep Blue Med Spa. The team reveals that even inks that have been resistant to prior removal – due to depth or small particle size – can often be cleared with fewer treatment sessions spaced six to eight weeks apart. It is considered safe on both light and dark skin types. In addition, while most laser tattoo removal systems can only treat small spots at a time, PiQo4 can treat areas as large as 6-15 mm at once with the added benefit of penetrating deeper to better break down ink particles for removal. At Deep Blue Med Spa, patients’ expectations are managed. The team emphasizes that tattoo removal is a commitment, and overnight results should not be expected. However, optimal results may be met over time.

The professionals at Deep Blue Med Spa are among some of the top aesthetic practitioners in the United States who believe PiQo4 can provide patients with overall better outcomes. The medical spa is currently accepting appointments for laser tattoo removal with PiQo4. The team encourages anyone who has been wanting to clear a tattoo – either for the first time or to completely erase ink that did not respond to previous removal treatments – to contact the practice to find a time that works best for them. During the consultation process, the team can provide a better idea of what each individual can expect in regards to their unique tattoo removal process and timeline. Consultations at Deep Blue Med Spa are complimentary.

About Deep Blue Med Spa

Deep Blue Med Spa is overseen by the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group. The team offers a wide range of non-surgical skincare treatments utilizing the most advanced technologies and techniques available. Every treatment is fully customized to the individual to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. Deep Blue Med Spa has been voted Best Laser Treatment Center by Long Island Press and serves patients in multiple offices on Long Island as well as in their Park Avenue location in Manhattan.

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