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Are Your Pores Aging You?

By: admin | September 8, 2017 | Skincare

Our skin ages gradually – sometimes we look in the mirror and see someone older looking back at us, but it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what looks different. Although wrinkles are the obvious culprit of aging skin, pore size can also affect skin’s texture and appearance. At Deep Blue Med Spa, maintaining your skin’s health and appearance is our passion. Many clients don’t realize how much pore size can contribute to the overall look of skin, and once they do they want to know how to minimize pore size. The good news is there are effective treatments to reduce pore size, but there is a lot to understand first about pores and treatment options.

Facts About Pore Size

Don’t hate your pores! They are an important gateway for oils to reach the skin’s surface. Pore size can be influenced by aging, genetics, hygiene, and sun exposure – another reason to wear sunscreen! The foundation of caring for your pores is to keep your face clean and well exfoliated and wear sunscreen daily.

How Aging Affects Pores

As we age, our skin loses collagen and elasticity, which can make pores appear larger. If any dead skin cells or oil block pores, it is more noticeable with older skin than with younger, firmer skin. While you can’t “remove” pores, we do have several effective options to help reduce the size of pores.

Treatments to Improve Pores

Deep Blue Med Spa has treatments specifically designed to tighten pores.

Deep Blue Med Spa Facials Our experienced aestheticians offer facials using pharmaceutical-grade products to cleanse pores of oil and hydrate skin to reduce the appearance of pores. Our top picks for improving the look of pores are the Optimum Hydration Facial or the Deep Detox Facial.


For long lasting results, try  Clear + Brilliant® laser skin rejuvenation. Using a non-ablative laser, collagen production is stimulated which can help reduce pore size and give your skin a youthful glow. Clear + Brilliant® can be customized to the specific skin needs of each patients and combined with other skincare treatments.


For powerful results, we recommend the Fraxel® fractional laser skin resurfacing to tighten pores. The fractional laser resurfaces by penetrating the skin and stimulating the body’s healing process with collagen production and new skin. This procedure reduces the appearance of aging which includes reducing pores and wrinkles, and smoothing the tone and texture of the skin.


Products to Keep Pores in Check

It is important to use high quality products targeted to your skin type to keep skin looking smooth and firm at home.



ProBLUEMD Skin Brightening Polish Use this Skin Brightening Polish, as an exfoliant to cleanse and minimize the size of pores, without any parabens.







ProBLUEMD Triple Antioxidant Cream This Triple Antioxidant Cream hydrates skin to treat redness and puffiness while reducing pore size and the appearance of fine lines.





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