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Szilvia Sadowski, Medical Aesthetician

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Szilvia Sadowski, Medical Aesthetician

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Szilvia Sadowski, Medical AestheticianWe are delighted to have Szilvia Sadowski on staff at Deep Blue Med Spa at New York Plastic Surgical Group. Szilvia is a licensed medical aesthetician who obtained her education in Hungary and has practiced in the United States for 10+ years.

Szilvia comes to Deep Blue Med Spa with a wealth of knowledge and a gentle touch. In addition to her experience in multiple procedures, she specializes in microdermabrasion, chemical peels and acne treatment. Szilvia understands how quickly procedures and technology can change, therefore she makes it a point to regularly attend skincare seminars and cutting edge professional development trainings in order to maintain and enhance her expertise in the field.

Prior to Deep Blue Med Spa, Szilvia worked at a dermatologist’s office in Great Neck, where she was able to gain experience with all types of skin issues and innovative treatment options. Szilvia takes pride in working with the staff at NYPS Group Deep Blue Med Spa, and would like to educate her clientele in the latest methods with regard to home beauty regimens, in order to promote skin health and find ways to make inner beauty rise to the surface and shine!

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