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New York Plastic Surgical Group

Deep Blue Med Spa is overseen by New York Plastic Surgical Group (NYPS Group), a division of Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, the largest and longest running private plastic and reconstructive surgery practice in the country. The highly experienced plastic surgeons of NYPS Group specialize in a full range of aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery. They are known as leaders in their field, with the expertise to successfully perform complex and intricate procedures. The surgeons and staff of NYPS Group are committed to meeting and exceeding patient expectations, with compassionate care, thorough safety standards, and personalized treatment plans. They are proud to lend their depth of knowledge to Deep Blue Med Spa in order to offer the most advanced skin rejuvenation and minimally invasive treatments.

New York Plastic Surgical Group is also dedicated to education. In addition to comprehensive care that prioritizes educating patients about their surgical options, they also seek to educate the next generation of reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons. New York Plastic Surgical Group directs a Plastic Surgery Residency Program which began in 1954 and has provided high-level, hands-on training for emerging surgeons. Additionally, many NYPS Group surgeons participate in volunteer missions to perform reconstructive surgery for underserved patients around the world while also training local doctors in life-saving surgical techniques.

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