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Deep Blue Med Spa Featured in Plastic Surgery Practice

By: admin | July 16, 2020 | Practice News

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Free Virtual Consultations for Essential Workers with PPE-Related Injuries

The team at Deep Blue Med Spa is committed to utilizing our expertise to benefit our community. Lately, we have been fielding questions from essential workers about skincare issues related to personal protective equipment (PPE). Plastic Surgery Practice recently featured Deep Blue Med Spa in a discussion about skincare for people who are required to wear masks and other PPE all day. The article explains our free virtual consultation program for essential workers, highlights the work of LIPSG Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Davenport during the COVID-19 crisis, and includes an interview with Melissa Colletti-White, who is a board-certified plastic surgical PA and our lead PA-C at Deep Blue Med Spa.

Read the full article here.

Skincare Concerns and Facial Treatments for Essential Workers

Frontline healthcare workers and other essential employees, especially those who wear N-95 masks for long hours, are experiencing issues such as PPE-related facial injuries, skin irritation, and changes in complexion, including “maskne” (face mask-related acne). In her interview, Melissa explains a variety of treatment options the Deep Blue Med Spa team can offer to patients virtually, including delivery of customized skincare product regimens. She also gives tips to help people minimize potential irritation from masks. In addition to the information she shared in the Plastic Surgery Practice interview, you can also read Melissa’s blog post on skincare for frontline workers.

Learn More About Free Virtual Consultations for Essential Workers

A Virtual consultation with a Deep Blue Med Spa provider includes a comprehensive assessment, customized product recommendations, and suggestions for minimizing and treating skin issues. Virtual consultations are currently free for essential workers. Contact us with any questions or to schedule your consultation.


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