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Injectable Treatments Individualized For The Asian Community

By: admin | December 23, 2020 | Procedural Information

By: Tiffany Cheung, PA-C

When it comes to aesthetics, the goal of injectors should always be to provide patients with results that are not only natural, but also unique to one’s needs. At Deep Blue, we believe that a cookie-cutter model of beauty does not exist, and instead, it is our job to utilize a patient’s ethnicity, features, and goals, to create results that are right for them. 

With that said, ethnic differences in the face do tend to affect the way in which a provider injects. For example, the Asian face is typically more round, and includes a flatter nasal dorsum (nasal bridge) and lower upper eyelid creases. Therefore, for those in the Asian community the standard of beauty is very different than that typically seen within western culture. Popular injectable requests I receive from Asian patients tend to include using filler to build up the nasal dorsum (nasal bridge), slimming the face by weakening the masseter muscles with neurotoxins, and employing Botox to relax the orbicularis oculi (making almond eyes appear a bit larger). Conversely, the current standard of beauty in the west tends to emphasize fuller lips, foxy eyes, and hiding the dorsal hump with filler. 

As an Asian American, I love the opportunity to work with members of my community, and consider myself specifically equipped to understand their goals. When it comes to this patient base, there are a few things I try to keep in mind.

 For example, our upper eyelid crease is much lower. As a result, even slightly weakening the frontalis muscle with a neurotoxin (either Botox or Dysport) can EASILY drop the brow and give the patient a “sleepy” eye look. Understandably, no one wants to leave their injector looking less refreshed than when they came in. So to prevent this from happening, I tend to start with an extremely low dose of product. After two weeks if the patient presents a need for more, we can plan for a touch up.

Another point to keep in mind is that Asian nasal skin tends to be thicker than that of Caucasians. So, when performing a liquid rhinoplasty, Asian’s can typically accommodate the filler better and more easily hide the flaws of bumps or lumps. 

The best way to determine what services may be right for you is to schedule a complimentary consultation. As always my objective is to enhance your natural beauty, while helping you to look and feel like your most confident self.


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