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Fresh Fall Skincare

By: admin | October 2, 2019 | Skincare

With Fall in full swing, it’s time to talk skin. As the humid air turns dry and the weather gets cooler, switching out your summer skincare products is just as important as switching out your summer wardrobe. If you’re not sure what skincare regimen best suites the sweater weather, we’re here to help! Below are some of our favorite ProBLUE MD skincare products, recommended by the skincare experts at Deep Blue Med Spa to help your face have a flawless Fall finish.

Gentle Brightening Cleanser

The Gentle Brightening Cleanser contains a soap free formula that gently cleanses and moisturizes the face. Using a cleanser that has hydrating benefits is perfect for the Fall months when skin tends to get dull and flakey from the dry air. It also thoroughly removes excess oils, makeup, and environmental pollutants on the skin’s surface.

This product is specially formulated with antioxidants and botanicals to sooth and protect those with highly sensitive skin.


Skin Brightening Polish

Despite the misconception that using an exfoliator will intensify dryness, it’s actually the best way to treat parched, flaky skin by stimulating natural oil production. The Skin Brightening Polish is a gentle facial exfoliator containing micro beads that help regulate oil, purify and minimize pores, and nourish and hydrate the skin.

This product refines skin gently and effectively. It is paraben-free, non-comedogenic and provides antioxidant protective coverage suitable for all skin types.


Complexion Booster

Once the summer months have come to an end, you may notice that the Summer sun, salt water, and chlorine have all led to dull, splotchy and discolored skin. Our Complexion Booster was designed to enhances overall skin tone with natural brighteners that are specifically formulated to improve discoloration.

This non-drug formula can be used as a treatment mask or a daily lotion to optimize hydroquinone or retinol therapies.



Vitamin C Serum

During the hotter months, your skin is  more susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays. Vitamin C can be very beneficial when trying to alleviate some of the summer sun damage. Our Vitamin C Serum delivers the powerful hydration benefits of hyaluronic acid to soothe, smooth and plump the skin.

This product is great for hydrating and smoothing the delicate area around the eye as well as on the lip area. It is safe and beneficial for all skin types.


If you find yourself following the same skincare routine all-year round, it’s not too late! The leaves are changing, and so can you. To learn more about what products you should incorporate into your seasonal regimen, call Deep Blue today to schedule your skincare consultation with one of our experts.


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