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Profound Microneedling with RF, Non-Surgical Skin Tightening and Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Deep Blue Med Spa is dedicated to offering the most advanced treatments to enhance and refresh your appearance. Our anti-aging specialists are thrilled to introduce Profound, an innovative skin rejuvenation procedure that utilizes minimally invasive microneedling with radiofrequency to lift and smooth without surgery.

How Does Profound Work?

Profound is a breakthrough in skin rejuvenation technology that is clinically proven to stimulate production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid – the foundational elements of healthy, youthful skin. Profound combines microneedling with radiofrequency therapy (RF) and this microneedling RF treatment can deliver lifting, smoothing, and contouring results that some patients refer to as a “non-surgical facelift”. The revitalizing results are achieved through gentle heating in a process called neocollagenesis. Profound stands apart from other procedures in the range of skin revitalization treatments due to its unique ability to increase volume and clinically proven ability to recreate hyaluronic acid. Profound stimulates progressive dermal remodeling to dramatically improve skin’s firmness, elasticity, and overall texture.

What Areas Can Be Treated With Profound?

Profound is the first RF Microneedling device that has been FDA-cleared for treatment of both the face and the body. One of the most popular and transformational uses of Profound is to non-surgically reduce the appearance of jowls and define the jaw. Profound can also tighten the skin around the chin, cheeks, and neck, as well as smooth and reduce cellulite on the body. At Deep Blue Med Spa, we can assess your individual concerns and create a customized treatment plan to utilize Profound to meet your aesthetic goals.

Profound for Cellulite Treatment

Profound is FDA-cleared to treat the body to tighten skin and improve the appearance of cellulite. When used on the body, the same dermal remodeling process that can refresh the face and neck also works to increase elasticity and stimulate collagen for smoother skin on areas such as the thighs and abdomen. Profound is a fully customizable treatment and a specialized handpiece for body treatments is designed to penetrate the SubQ layer of skin to improve cellulite. Profound can diminish the appearance of dimpling and tighten skin with just a single treatment.

Profound has been named “New Treatment of the Year” by the Global Aesthetic Awards


*Results May Vary, Photos courtesy of Profound®

What Results Can I Expect With Profound?

Profound jumpstarts your body’s natural production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which is a progressive process that delivers results over time. While you can expect to see improvement in as little as two weeks after treatment, optimal results will be visible approximately six months after your Profound treatment. Patients typically experience renewed elasticity, improved definition, and diminished wrinkles.

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Benefits of Profound

  • Dynamic results lift, contour, and volumize the skin
  • Improves elasticity to restore a youthful look
  • Non-surgical and minimally invasive
  • Results with just one treatment
  • Collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production continue to improve months after treatment
  • May be combined with other services, such as injectables

Experience Profound with PRO-NOX

PRO-NOX is a nitrous oxide delivery system for fast-acting pain relief. It increases comfort and aids in calming anxiety. PRO-NOX is included with your Profound treatment.

Learn more about PRO-NOX.

What Can I Expect During the Profound Procedure?

At the beginning of your appointment, a local anesthetic will be administered to the area that will be treated. This will minimize any discomfort, and patients typically do not experience any pain during the Profound procedure. There are no incisions involved in the treatment. The Profound device consists of very fine microneedles that penetrate to deliver warm radiofrequency energy. The treatment typically takes less than an hour.

What Is Recovery Like After Treatment With Profound?

Recovery time is significantly less than that of a surgical procedure, but Profound is an intensive rejuvenation treatment and patients typically require 5 to 7 days of social downtime as their skin begins the healing process that will increase collagen and elastin production. Patients may experience some redness, swelling, bruising and minor skin shedding in the days after treatment.

Is Profound Treatment a Non-surgical Alternative to Facelift Surgery?

Profound can be a facelift alternative for patients who are not interested in a facelift or those who are not ready for facelift surgery, with some patients referring to it as a “non-surgical facelift”. Profound cannot replicate the degree of lifting and contouring that a surgical facelift can achieve, but Profound is able to deliver significant tightening and rejuvenating results without the invasiveness or lengthy downtime of surgery.

Is Profound Right For Me?

Profound can help achieve a refreshed appearance without surgery. If you are interested in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lifting sagging skin, and sculpting the jaw or cheekbones, then Profound may be an option for you. If you are not a candidate for a surgical facelift, Profound could be an effective anti-aging solution. The best way to determine if Profound is right for you is to schedule an appointment at Deep Blue Med Spa.
*Results May Vary

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At Deep Blue Med Spa, we specialize in skin rejuvenation and minimally invasive treatments to restore a youthful appearance. Contact us with any questions or to schedule a consultation in Garden City, East Hills, Babylon, or Manhattan.

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